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Blog #6

When reading “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamott, I related to some things she mentioned about first drafts. One piece of my writing process that I compared to what she said was the relief she had when she realized that no one had to see her first draft and that it was mainly for her to view. I can relate to this idea because I found comfort in this as well as I wrote my piece. However, she said that first drafts are the “child’s draft, where you let it all pour out and then let it romp all over the place…” I am not sure if I relate to this detail. I am very organized and big on fixing grammatical, spelling, and formatting errors so I found it difficult for me to take this advice. I can’t write a paper where I get all the ideas out, then edit. I am usually one to edit as I go. I liked this essay. It provided me with a sense of reassurance that someone was feeling the same way about their first draft as I do.

Revision Plan: My goals are to fix any spelling or grammar mistakes, reorganize certain paragraphs, and work to add in a few more quotes. The steps I plan to take include reviewing the peer edits I received, reading my essay out loud a few times, and consulting my sources for additional ideas/quotes. I see my biggest challenge as trying to reorganize and review my paragraphs. One piece of feedback I received was that my conclusion is a bit short. I think I will struggle to find more to include in my conclusion. If this happens and it proves to be too difficult for me to solve, I will consult the resources I have, such as The Little Seagull book and the grading rubric for this essay.


  1. mremavich

    couple strategies I think that would help with your writing is take a fresh copy of your essay and annotate it. This can help fix some of the spelling or grammar mistakes. Try to read it with a different point of view as well, when you do this you can look at the points you have made differently and possibly offer more analysis and expand on these ideas.

    • jpiller

      I think that if you were to read your essay out loud than that will help you find some grammar and spelling mistakes. With your conclusion I think that if you add more detail about the Ted talk and Southan’s essay than it will help further your argument that you are trying to make.

  2. Taylor

    I agree with the idea of annotating, I think it will help you see your paper from a different point of view. I also think maybe having someone read your paper out loud to you may help you hear your paper and find some areas you can reorganize it. This may also help you pick up on any sentences that may not flow or fit where they are.

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