Hi there! My name is Olivia Cigna and I am from Wilmington, Massachusetts, a small town just twenty minutes north of Boston. Here at UNE, I am majoring in Secondary Education and English with a minor in Special Education. I enjoy reading and writing; English is my passion. I hope that one day I can inspire my students to love the English language as well!

I believe that we, as individuals, never really stop learning throughout life. Learning and the idea of constantly retaining new knowledge is such an interesting idea to me. The process of learning new skills, ideas, or information is so beneficial in many ways.

I also appreciate writing. This process is very therapeutic and stress-relieving. I tend to write a lot when I have something on my mind and I need to let it out. Writing is also a fun, creative process that can be enjoyable during free time.

Some of my interests include going to the beach, working out, and adventuring with my friends. I’m a spin instructor here on campus. I also enjoy spending time with family. I love shopping and spending money!

Well, that’s me! I hope that you learned a little about me and possibly could relate to some of the things that I mentioned!