In my final draft of my Significant Writing Project, I used a lot of outside sources to support and further my argument. I used several methods of integration, such as quotation, analysis, synthesis, paraphrase, and summary. For example, in the second paragraph, I chose to integrate a quote from John Armstrong’s text, “La bella vita.” I used both the Barclay formula and the idea of a quote sandwich to properly select, integrate, and explain this quote. When revising this idea to it’s final draft, I focused a lot on the process indicated here of stating a claim, introducing the quote through paraphrase or direct quotation, including the quote, explaining the quote, and relating it back to my argument. For every major claim I made in all of my papers, I made sure that there was at least one piece of evidence to support this. This was an essential learning outcome that our class specifically focused on. We often discussed the idea of careful and proper integration of these quotes, paraphrase, or summary. I feel that this is an outcome that has caused significant development in my work. Before this course, I found some of my pieces of writing to include quotes, but they were often left without explanation or integration. It was like they were just left “hanging” there, with little to no analysis. The ideas within this course and the course materials allowed me to realize the significance of a properly blended quote, summary, and analysis.