The teacher works with learners to create environments that support individual and collaborative learning, encouraging positive social interaction, active engagement in learning, and self motivation.
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Standard Operating Procedures

SOP: Fire Drills

Grade Level: 9-12

  • Stop what you are doing and line up quietly
  • Follow me out of the building, using the exit closest to your classroom
  • Stand with me outside until you are allowed back into the building
  • Listen for your name to be called during attendance
  • When you are allowed, follow me back into the building and to your classroom

SOP: Technology Usage

Grade Level: 9-12

  • Only use technology after checking with me
  • Only use technology when it is helpful to your learning 
  • Use technology to look up unfamiliar words, to take notes, and/or to work on class assignments
  • Do not use technology to text or to go on social media 

SOP: When You Get To Class

Grade Level: 9-12

  • Enter the classroom calmly
  • Take a seat at your assigned seat 
  • Check the projector screen to see the agenda slide for the day and follow the instructions (if any)
  • Begin working on your daily journal entry 

SOP: Transition Between Classes

Grade Level: 9-12

  • When the bell rings, exit the class you are in 
  • Walk calmly and quietly through the halls to your next class
  • Stay to one side of the hallway
  • Navigate to your next class, and when you arrive, take a seat at your desk

SOP: Bathroom

Grade Level: 9-12

  • Sign out using the bathroom sign out sheet if you need to use the bathroom
  • While walking in the halls, stay quiet to not disturb other classes 
  • Make sure you are back to the classroom within 5 minutes to continue learning 
  • When back in the classroom, mark the time you return on the bathroom sign out sheet