Open Topic: Taylor Swift and "Ginny & Georgia"
For this week’s open topic, I thought I would comment on a current event that has been flooding my social media. 

A new Netflix series, “Ginny & Georgia,” recently released an episode in which a line from one of the characters read, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” After hearing this line, Taylor published a tweet in which she called the joke “lazy” and “deeply sexist” because of the way it degrades hardworking women like her. While she was clearly outraged by this line, it seems her fan base may have been even more outraged…

Link to tweet taken from Buzzfeed News

Taylor Swift continues to be a subject of sexist jokes because of her extensive dating life. Personally, while I feel the comment made in this show is quite offensive to Taylor Swift, I would like to think that was not the intention of the writers of the show. However, that does not excuse the behavior. This line in the episode contributes to the ongoing issue of “s**t-shaming” happening in our world. Women are continuously degraded, criticized, devalued, etc. if they have an extensive amount of relationships with men or women. Having a popular Netflix series feed into this issue definitely does not help with the movement to stop it. So, I stand with Taylor Swift here.