When looking at my Significant Writing Project, I found that I had little errors with grammar, punctuation, spelling, and MLA formatting. I used MLA style formatting all throughout my middle and high school years, so I am quite familiar with this concept. I found myself referencing The Little Seagull book quite often though, as it is a great reference on how to cite certain texts using MLA. I was able to determine what type of source I was citing and this book would instruct me how. An error I struggled with was that in some of my drafts, I forgot to put the MLA formatted page numbers and my last name in the top right corner. I found myself adding these when writing my final drafts. When looking at local revisions, I found myself having little to no errors with punctuation, grammar, and spelling. When I did have an error, it was most likely that I used a comma where I did not necessarily need one. This was a concept I sometimes struggled with. Overall, I feel that I entered this course with a good understanding of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and MLA formatting, and I am leaving with an even stronger understanding.