Throughout my experience with UNE, I have found that this school is pretty in tune with Women’s and Gender Studies. First of all, they have an entire minor dedicated to this subject and offered to students. One of the best parts of this minor is that some of the classes students take are already embedded with material from the WGST world. For example, when I decided to pick up the minor, I realized that several of the classes I had already taken count for this minor because of their wide topics around gender, feminism, and women. Some of these classes include Women in the Modern World (HIS 278) and Women’s YA Dystopian Fiction (ENG 235). This means that not only is the minor accessible, but it is also extremely relevant to my courses. Additionally, it is extremely relevant to our current historical moment. I love the courses that are able to connect to what is happening in our world right now, and this entire minor does just that.

Additionally, I know a little about the WGST Club at UNE. I am familiar with the project they worked on recently with providing free feminine products on campus to students. This kind of awareness is not regularly seen on other campuses. I love the content of their Instagram page as well: 

Additionally, I have found it to be quite nice and empowering to have a campus made up of roughly 74% women and 26% men. Being part of a student body almost entirely made up of women is so powerful to me.

Taken from usnews.com

All of these things have, in my opinion, made UNE very aware and conscious of Women’s and Gender Studies. I have been able to gear my studies toward this topic, which is such a valuable tool for my future as an English teacher.