The Nature of Science by E. O. Wilson

Questions to answer before watching this video:

  • In what ways do you see yourself as a writer? Are you a poet? A journalist? A blogger?  What style of writing is most familiar and comfortable for you?
    • I would consider myself a writer. I write for fun, to release stress, or to pass time. I use writing as an outlet for anything I am dealing with. I like to write about myself or the things going on in my life, but in high school, when doing projects, I wrote a lot of fiction.
  • What is your impression of scientific writing?
    • I see scientific writing as a complex, tedious process. There are many necessary steps and things to include in this process. I did not do much scientific writing in high school, other than a few lab reports in Physics.

Answer this question after you watch the video:

  • How do Wilson’s ideas fit with your experience or ideas about scientific writing?
    • I see some relation between science writing and other writing, like how the elements of science line up with some aspects of other writing: poetry, journalism, blogging, etc.
  • What if anything surprised you about Wilson’s description of scientists, and their emotions and values as they fit into the process of science?
    • I was surprised because I didn’t see the emotion in scientific writing like this video mentioned.