While reviewing my feedback on my Marked First Draft of Peer’s Paper and earlier efforts of peer review, I have noticed my development. In my example included, I marked the text using global revisions. I have found that it is important to cover all bases of peer review by commenting on evidence, ideas, and organization. Most of my comments were identified under these three categories, allowing my peer to acknowledge the area of improvement needed. Recognizing these global edits have made me a better peer reviewer throughout this course. Some of my first peer reviews did not focus on these bigger edits first, and I found myself struggling to ignore the little edits. After completing a few peer reviews, I am now able to look at the piece from a global standpoint, and then recognize the local revisions. It is important to first, establish the global revisions and second, dive deeper into the local revisions. In my peer review note located at the bottom of my example, I discussed the local revisions associated with this piece.