When looking at my significant writing projects, I decided to include my free and final drafts of the third prompt because of the significant improvements I feel I have made. My first few papers show some revision but I do not feel that I truly dove deeply into this process until my third prompt. Thinking about this learning outcome, I feel that I have reached this level of “substantial revision” that it mentions. I am now more focused and critical of my “content, organization, and clarity,” something that I struggled with before. When revising a paper, I ask myself, “What are you really trying to say here?” I visit the question of, “So what?” With this last paper, I individually placed each paragraph into a separate document and revised them one by one based on Professor Emerson’s comments and my peers’ comments. I found this helpful to work on the local revisions, and then once all the paragraphs were edited and put on the same document, I was able to see more of the global edits. I have really developed during this course in that I no longer accept my free draft as the final draft, and I know how to workshop my writing effectively and thoroughly.