Date: March 26th, 2019

Start Time: 2:25PM

End Time: 2:40PM

Since my last observation, the eggs have hatched into two, young eaglets. These eaglets are getting bigger and bigger! During this observation, one of the mates stood on the nest with the two eaglets for the length of the time I observed. I was not able to determine which mate this was due to the fact that the other eagle did not return for me to compare size. One of the eaglets kept looking up to its parent with its mouth open, possibly signaling that it is hungry. The other eaglet was less active and seemed to be resting for most of the time I observed. Also, I observed the eagle moving some things around in the nest, doing some nest-building, which may mean he/she is getting restless and waiting for the mate to return. At the very end of my observation, I saw the eagle feed both the eaglets by first biting/chewing the food herself/himself, and then feeding it to the eaglets.