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I believe that in a world filled with many resources and tools, we need both art and science to work together to form new and accurate ideas. Both concepts, art and science, already exist within our world, however there is great power that could be created when combining them. Mark Boslough, author of “We Must Protect U.S. Investment in Scientific Knowledge,” explains a current restriction to science, “They do not realize that a dollar saved is a dollar saved, but it may be two dollars (or more) worth of knowledge lost.” In other terms, Congress feels that science is not worth the money due to the trial and error aspect that is so commonly employed with science. Boslough feels that this saved money allows for a loss of knowledge in the science world. Boslough fails to make a direct connection to the relationship between art and science in his essay. I believe if Congress were to see the connection between art and science, and the way in which art can fill the missing pieces of science, it might provide more funding and increase desire to continue the practice, with the arts included. In “The Future of Science…Is Art?,” Jonah Lehrer mentions that by, “interpreting scientific ideas and theories, the arts can offer science a new lens through which to see itself.” This means that the arts can provide elements to science that it could not get elsewhere. This may allow those people that are skeptical to realize the value and benefits of science, once combined with the arts.

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  1. elishaemerson

    I could see this paragraph easily leading to a new paragraph about how this combination could lead to a wider interest in and enthusiasm for investing in scientific research.

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