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Blog #4

After reading and digesting, “Is it OK to make art?,” and watching, “How Can Public Art Projects Transform Rough Neighborhoods?,” I noticed some connections between the two. It also allowed me to create my own opinion about art in this world. I believe that art can do good in this world and that it is, in fact, “ok” to make art. If the right intentions are there, an artist can affect someone or something in a positive way. For example, in the TED Talk, “How Can Public Art Projects Transform Rough Neighborhoods?,” Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas work to create colorful art in some of the poorest cities in the world. This gave the citizens in these cities pride in their homes and themselves. In my opinion, this is just as great, if not better, than simply donating some of your income to a cause.

This brainstorming activity allowed me to start brainstorming my own ideas and connect them with others. It allowed me to synthesize the information in two texts to create an argument of my own. Before doing the brainstorming activity, I did not realize that these two sources had so many connections. There are several overlapping ideas within both of them that relate to the idea of art doing good in the world. Visually mapping out these connections has allowed me to form my argument and start brainstorming my thesis and main points.

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  1. elishaemerson

    Wonderful! I am consistently amazed by the power of lists! 🙂

    Keep up the hard work.

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