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After reading and connecting with “Is it OK to make art?” by Rhys Southan, I noticed a few parts of the text that stuck with me. The first connection I made to the text was when the author described the analogy of a child drowning in a pond and whether or not we would jump in to save her, even if it meant taking some risks. The author expressed that most of us wouldn’t say no, so why is it that “most of us manage to ignore those dying of poverty and preventable disease all over the world, though we could easily help them (Southan)?” I felt that this analogy really affected me. We are so eager to claim that we will help those in need, but if it were to come down to it, we don’t. There should be more of an effort to help. The next point he makes in this analogy is that anytime we stop helping those in need, we are taking a “leisurely nap beside a lake where thousands of children are screaming for our help.” We hear the children screaming, yet we choose to ignore it.

Another connection I made was when I read the idea that your profession should be based around helping others and you should consider the ways in which your chosen profession makes a positive impact on the world. Michael Bitton shared his personal experience, “I wanted to be a filmmaker, and then I thought, ‘Well what good does this do?’…’So I kind of stopped wanting to be a filmmaker.'” I disagreed with this point within the reading. Although I agree that professions that help others are essential and beneficial, I don’t feel that it is necessary. My mindset is that your profession should be something that you love and are proud to do. The piece that comes with a profession like this is finding other ways to help others, outside of your profession. The time not spent doing work for your field should be spent donating and helping. You can also find the ways to help others within your profession. I want to be an educator. I know that there is an aspect of help within this field by giving children their education and allowing them to be successful from it.

Overall, I enjoyed this reading. I was able to make connections with this text, whether I disagreed or agreed with the points made.

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  1. elishaemerson


    Your website is off to a great start. I enjoyed reading your About Me page. Your enthusiasm for language thrills me! I also want to commend you on your attitude toward learning. I LOVE learning new skills. I believe a lifetime of learning can help keep you young (at heart–not to imply that there’s anything wrong with growing old 🙂 ).

    Would you mind cutting and pasting your About Me Post into a page? This way, your “About Me” writing will remain static, instead of being buried beneath your ongoing blogs (POSTS). Please let me know if I can help you achieve this.

    Your annotations look great. Keep that up! I agree that the shallow pond analogy is intense! This kind of logic can set my head spinning!

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